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Pottery Class: Round Three

My mom and I just finished our third pottery class. I think we have definitely progressed and I can't wait to take another class. It's nice to have a new hobby to be excited about. The community education program we've been going to isn't doing a summer class, so I'm hoping we can find another place...because I can't wait until fall!

After three classes, there are two things that still amaze me about this pottery stuff: how much it shrinks and the variation in the color of glaze. My goal has been to make bigger pots with each class. This last time, I made some bowls that I thought were pretty big. But by the time they were completely finished, they were a lot smaller. The pots actually shrink three times before they are finished: once when they dry, a second time when they are fired the first time, and a third time when they are fired with the glaze on them. I was so proud of myself this last class because I thought I was making some pretty large pots. Unfortun…