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Golden Sky Landscape

This is actually a small corner (about 1/4) of a larger painting. The rest didn't turn out great...but I really like this part.

Purple Flower Landscape

I'm back on a landscape kick. It's just so relaxing to come home from a stressful day at work and just paint where I'd like to be.

Bottle with Lines

This is Jensen Blue glaze layered three times over white. It always turns out great and the grooves carved in the side pooled the glaze just like I wanted them to:

The pot itself? A little crooked...


This is from a photo that I took last year of a beautiful magnolia. Not sure why I waited so long to paint it...

This one is rather small-- 3"x6"--because I used a scrap piece of paper I had laying around

Copper Pot

I love the glaze on the top half of this one because it looks like a copper pot:

The bottom and inside are a lovely Jensen Blue.


I wanted to take a break from the gold paint for a while.

Feeling inspired by all the beautiful tulips that are EVERYWHERE this time of year, I painted this tulip from my very own backyard:

Now, this photo is from my Instagram (@emileewilliamsart) account, so there is a filter on it, but I like it just the same.

Finished Pottery

I FINALLY got my finished pots from our last pottery class. I really mixed it up with the glazes, and let me tell you, it paid off! I'm so excited.

This bottle turned out nothing like I expected. It is Jensen Blue glaze over Jensen Red glaze.  I thought the end result would be a really deep, dark blue with a lot of light dots, but I got this instead:

I am obsessed.

Gold Paint Series: Crooked Circles and Lines

Gold Paint Series: Silver Chevrons

Because I love gold watercolor paint so much, I wanted to try silver watercolor paint, too. It did not have the same effect-- it doesn't have the same metallic effect. It's flat and looks like a white/gray color... not sure if I'll be using that one again...

Gold Paint Series: Between the Lines

Gold Paint Series: Layered Lines

Gold Paint Series: Splatters and Lines

Gold Paint Series: Gold Scallops

Gold Paint Series: Chaos Between the Lines

I think this is my favorite painting in the Gold Paint Series so far:

The colors turned out AWESOME and I love the simplicity of the gold lines-- minimal and interesting at the same time.

Gold Paint Series: Gold in the Background

I wanted to try mixing gold in the color wash. It had an interesting effect-- rather than mixing with the wet pigments like I thought it would, it seemed to just move it-- pushing it out of the way to stand all on it's own.

Gold Paint Series: Tree with Roots

I like the roots in this one. The leaves? Not so much. I went a little too heavy on the paint. I was actually trying to cover up a mistake. The tree was originally going to be all branches-- but that turned out weird so I decided to cover it up.

Gold Paint Series: Gold Ribbon

Gold Paint Series: Spiral

Gold Paint Series: Orange and Purple Perfection

This one was a small experiment to see how orange and purple paint work together and I absolutely LOVE the result.

Gold Paint Series: Tree Branch

I wish the background color was a little deeper to make the gold paint pop.

Gold Paint Series: Deep Blue

Gold Paint Series: Red and Purple

I recently bought a bottle of gold liquid watercolor-- my new favorite thing. Over the next week or so, I will be posting a series of abstract paintings done with gold watercolor. I tried to get a richly colored background with lots of contrast-- jewel tones was the goal-- and paint a gold design over the top. I hope you like them, because I sure do!

Winter Mountain Memory

Another painting from memories of a winter drive to Idaho.

This one was also painted on a scrap of watercolor painting-- roughly11.75"x3.25".


Lately, one of my favorite things to do is scrolling through all the photos hash-tagged "watercolor" on Instagram. There are so many AMAZING artists sharing their work. I decided that I'd like to try to join this artists network-of-sorts so I created an Instagram account just for art where I will follow artists and share my own work. So, if you like my work but don't want to be bothered with checking a blog, please feel free to follow me on Instagram. My username is  emileewilliamsart.

Memories of a Winter Drive

My boyfriend and I took a drive to Idaho a few weeks ago. I have always loved how mountains look from afar-- especially with snow on them. The images were stuck in my head so I painted this from memory. I like how light and soft the painting turned out.

I always have a bunch of scraps of watercolor paper from making cards. I used a scrap for this painting so it's really small--roughly 3.5"x5.5".

Blue Butterfly

Another butterfly done in the same fashion:

Orange Butterlfy

I've been wanting to paint butterflies, but not just paint a butterfly. I wanted to do something a little different and this is what I came up with:

From the Fridge: Golden Beet

Now, I'll admit, This is not something that I would have in my fridge. I saw this at the grocery store and was mesmerized by the colors so I had to buy one (or four) so I could paint it. I especially like the shadows in this one.

From the Fridge: Apples

A little crooked, but the colors turned out pretty good:

From the Fridge: Lemon

I've been wanting to find things that I can quickly sketch with my watercolors to practice-- no need to look any further than the fridge.

Watercolor Collage: Orange and Purple Weave

I've been finding color inspiration for collages on Pinterest. I liked the contrast of orange and purple with a softer, neutral gray.

And matted because I think it finishes off the collage nicely:

Wet Pot Wednesday: Glazed

Tonight we glazed all out finished pots. I really mixed it up with the glazes this time so I'm excited to see how everything turns out.

Sky #5: Trees in the Distance

I like how the green bleeds into the sky a little bit on this one-- almost looking like trees in the distance.

Sky #4: Rain Over the Plains

Sky #3: Blue Sky Over Gold Fields

My first attempt at white clouds in a blue sky:

Sky #2: Sunset on a Rainy Day

Wet Pot Wednesday: Stuck in a Rut

I meant to post this last week but I accidentally saved it as a draft.

I've been feeling a little lost in pottery lately. My big goal has been to make a bottle. Now that I've done that a few times, I'm not sure what my next goal should be. I need to find some new inspiration.
I made this pot and bowl last week and trimmed them tonight. Next week we glaze and then we're done! This class went by so fast. I definitely didn't get as much done this time as the last class I took...

New Series: Skies

I've been experimenting with skies lately. This is the first in a small series of sky paintings:

Abstract Purple and Silver Watercolor

Again, this originally started out as a background for a collage. I decided to do this instead:

Silver metallic watercolor on purple background.

Abstract Layered Watercolor

I originally did this as a background for a collage but liked it too much on its own to put anything over the top of it:
The effect seems almost velvety to me...

Red and Gray Woven Collages

The gray stripe in the bottom collage is a metallic silver watercolor on mulberry paper. I built these collages off the paper and then secured the whole weave to watercolor paper with a glue/water mixutre

A Silver and Red Collage Duo