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Watercolor Postcards

For Christmas, my best friend, Kelsey, gave me a watercolor postcard kit. She thought it was silly but I think it was the perfect gift idea. She said that she thinks I need to paint more. And when your best friend tells you to paint more, by golly, you paint!

The kit comes with everything you need-- paint, tray, brush, instructions/ideas, and post cards:

My first postcard had to be for Kelsey, of course! I don't think she has a particular fondness for birds, but I didn't have any better ideas.

It felt pretty strange to just drop a painting in a mailbox. Hopefully it gets there in one piece...

Squares for a Not-So-Square Friend

I've been sitting on this painting for long enough. I've decided that it's just time to be done.

A friend of mine asked me to paint something with squares. We had discussed a color palette that I strayed from. I didn't know that he had his heart set on those specific colors. When I showed him this painting, he said he liked it but didn't like all the colors. So, I'll be doing this the RIGHT colors.

I worked on this a while ago and I've been telling myself that I just want to put one or two more layers on it, but that just wasn't happening.

I'm not sure what I'll do with this one. I'm thinking it may be fun to cut out my favorite parts and frame them in a series of three or four...