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Gold Paint Series: Gold in the Background

I wanted to try mixing gold in the color wash. It had an interesting effect-- rather than mixing with the wet pigments like I thought it would, it seemed to just move it-- pushing it out of the way to stand all on it's own.

Gold Paint Series: Tree with Roots

I like the roots in this one. The leaves? Not so much. I went a little too heavy on the paint. I was actually trying to cover up a mistake. The tree was originally going to be all branches-- but that turned out weird so I decided to cover it up.

Gold Paint Series: Gold Ribbon

Gold Paint Series: Spiral

Gold Paint Series: Orange and Purple Perfection

This one was a small experiment to see how orange and purple paint work together and I absolutely LOVE the result.

Gold Paint Series: Tree Branch

I wish the background color was a little deeper to make the gold paint pop.

Gold Paint Series: Deep Blue

Gold Paint Series: Red and Purple

I recently bought a bottle of gold liquid watercolor-- my new favorite thing. Over the next week or so, I will be posting a series of abstract paintings done with gold watercolor. I tried to get a richly colored background with lots of contrast-- jewel tones was the goal-- and paint a gold design over the top. I hope you like them, because I sure do!

Winter Mountain Memory

Another painting from memories of a winter drive to Idaho.

This one was also painted on a scrap of watercolor painting-- roughly11.75"x3.25".


Lately, one of my favorite things to do is scrolling through all the photos hash-tagged "watercolor" on Instagram. There are so many AMAZING artists sharing their work. I decided that I'd like to try to join this artists network-of-sorts so I created an Instagram account just for art where I will follow artists and share my own work. So, if you like my work but don't want to be bothered with checking a blog, please feel free to follow me on Instagram. My username is  emileewilliamsart.

Memories of a Winter Drive

My boyfriend and I took a drive to Idaho a few weeks ago. I have always loved how mountains look from afar-- especially with snow on them. The images were stuck in my head so I painted this from memory. I like how light and soft the painting turned out.

I always have a bunch of scraps of watercolor paper from making cards. I used a scrap for this painting so it's really small--roughly 3.5"x5.5".

Blue Butterfly

Another butterfly done in the same fashion:

Orange Butterlfy

I've been wanting to paint butterflies, but not just paint a butterfly. I wanted to do something a little different and this is what I came up with:

From the Fridge: Golden Beet

Now, I'll admit, This is not something that I would have in my fridge. I saw this at the grocery store and was mesmerized by the colors so I had to buy one (or four) so I could paint it. I especially like the shadows in this one.

From the Fridge: Apples

A little crooked, but the colors turned out pretty good:

From the Fridge: Lemon

I've been wanting to find things that I can quickly sketch with my watercolors to practice-- no need to look any further than the fridge.

Watercolor Collage: Orange and Purple Weave

I've been finding color inspiration for collages on Pinterest. I liked the contrast of orange and purple with a softer, neutral gray.

And matted because I think it finishes off the collage nicely:

Wet Pot Wednesday: Glazed

Tonight we glazed all out finished pots. I really mixed it up with the glazes this time so I'm excited to see how everything turns out.

Sky #5: Trees in the Distance

I like how the green bleeds into the sky a little bit on this one-- almost looking like trees in the distance.

Sky #4: Rain Over the Plains