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Pottery Class

Though I haven't been painting much lately, my life hasn't been completely void of creativity. My mom and I took a pottery class through a local community education program. It was about ten weeks long and ended this past week. It was really fun and frustrating at the same time. Here are a few of my pieces...the ones I am not too ashamed to share:

My favorite part of the class had to be learning the wheel. It was really hard and frustrating-- centering the clay on the wheel is nearly impossible-- but once you get it, it is so much fun. I can't lie, I had to have my mom center my clay for me a few times. My mom is actually really good at it, and she made some amazing things. We are planning on taking another class after Christmas. We will get to do a lot more on the wheel in our next class and we are super excited. The trick is going to be figuring out what to do will all the stuff we make...

Remember Me?

I've noticed that I go through phases. I'll either be really into painting or really into reading or really into something else and whatever I was doing kind of falls to the wayside. I hadn't been feeling creative or inspired, but I think I'm transitioning back into painting mode.

A while back, my friend asked me to paint something for him. He said he wanted it to be geometric and asked specifically for rectangles. So, I did a few trial runs in my art journal to test my idea:

This was my first try. I wanted to try layering colors using masking tape to block off rectangles. During this trial run, I learned that if I do one big wash over the paper, the paint tends to bleed under the tape. I still like to look and colors though.

Take 2:

The second time around, I made more of an effort to paint each individual square. There was a lot less paint bleeding under the tape when I didn't do one big wash over the paper. So, this is the method I decided to go with when paintin…