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Red Tree

I got a little more daring with this tree and used Grumbacher Red and Cobalt Blue. And to add interest, I splattered a mixture of the two colors on around the tree.

Wet Pot Wednesday: Bottles

The instructor gave a great demo on bottles tonight and I learned how to do them right:

Yellow Tree

For this second tree, I was a little more daring and used colors similar to that in the tutorial video in the previous post: Cadmium Yellow Hue and Cobalt Blue.

I think the combination of yellow and blue is perfect. I tried to add a bit of interest by using some Cobalt Blue in the trunk and painting some branches through the tree.

A New Series: Green Tree

I found this tree tutorial on YouTube via Pinterest. I've never painted any trees and this tutorial seemed easy enough, so I gave it a whirl. As it turns out, I really like painting trees. This is the first tree, I played it safe and used the obvious colors: Sap Green and Hooker's Green (dark).

Again, I'm loving the beauty of simplicity.

New Blog Design

I've been thinking about updating my blog design and I'd like to have a personalized header. Here are a few I've come up with so far:

I think the top is my favorite so far...

Art Journal: Jellyfish

Watercolor Collage: Vertical Stripes

I had rice paper in all kinds of colors my desk from the collages I have been doing and I rather liked the look of them together:

Wet Pot Wednesday

This week was only slightly more fruitful than last:

I know I said I wasn't going to make any bowls, but I had a (very strange) request from a friend that I couldn't turn down...more on that another week. 
I also made a small pot and a bottle. The smaller one was originally a larger bowl that fell apart. But that's okay because I need small pieces for raku anyway. The larger bottle is rather crooked. I'm going to try adding some decorative elements to hide that.

Watercolor Collage: Blue and Green Horizontal

A mat really pulls these collages together and gives them a finished look:

Watercolor Collage: Purple Weave

For this small collage, I actually wove all the pieces together before placing them on the paper and securing them with a glue/water mixture. I really love how it turned out-- especially the hints of orange on the ends of a few pieces. I would love to find a small square frame for this one.

Layered Landscape: Green Fields, White Clouds

Another variation on the Layered Landscape series:

The paper is 9"x12" and the painting is 5.25"x8".

Wet Pot Wednesday: Getting Back in the Groove

My mom and I started our pottery class again tonight and we both had a little trouble getting back into our pottery groove. I'm very happy to FINALLY be back in pottery class!
At the end of the last class, I had a really hard time remembering all the things I made and that made it nearly impossible to find my things among the mountains of unglazed pottery. So my goal this time around is it document all my pots the night I make them, thus: Wet Pot Wednesday.
This is what I ended up with tonight:

After I cut the altered form vase off the bat, I realized that I forgot to trim up the bottom. I can't put it back on the wheel to trim the bottom because the top isn't round. So I'll be trimming this one by hand...something to remember next time.

I'm trying to be really creative with my shapes because my dad told me I'm not allowed to bring home anything that goes in the cupboard--they're absolutely stuffed!

Layered Landscape: Gold Fields, Green Hills

A simple landscape. The paper is 9"x12" and the painting is 5.25"x8".

Layered Landscape: Winter Mountains

Inspired by the winter mountains I see here every day in beautiful Utah:

Art Journal: Excited for Spring

I already have spring on the's going to be a long few months for this girl!

I took pictures before and after I added the background. I think I like just the white background better. If I do this one again, I'll leave it alone.

Layered Landscape: The Desert

I love the contrast of a bright blue sky against the vibrant reddish-brown of the desert:

The paper is 9x12 inches and the painting is 5.25x8 inches.

Layered Landscape: Green Fields

The second painting in my layered landscapes series. Again, the paper is 9x12 inches and the painting is 5.25x8 inches.

Layered Landscape Series: The Ocean

I mentioned a new series in one of my posts last week and this the first painting in the series.

I painted this card for my brother, David, and it reminded me of a landscape even though that was not my original intent. I got to thinking that it may be interesting to paint a series of landscapes using the same technique--especially since one of my goals is to simplify my paintings. I wanted to create something very simple and yet still identifiable. Something that still evokes a thought, feeling or memory without much detail. This is the first painting in the series:

The paper is 9x12 inches. I painted them all with a really wide border. The painting itself is 5.25x8 inches.

Watercolor Collage: Negative Space

I really wanted this collage to have a lot of negative space and I think I achieved that, but I'm not sure if I like how it turned out in this one-- I'll have to keep messing with negative space in new collages. I do, however, really love these colors together.

Watercolor Collage: Blue Abstract

A collage of blues with a touch of purple. Mulberry paper on watercolor paper.