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Sky #3: Blue Sky Over Gold Fields

My first attempt at white clouds in a blue sky:

Sky #2: Sunset on a Rainy Day

Wet Pot Wednesday: Stuck in a Rut

I meant to post this last week but I accidentally saved it as a draft.

I've been feeling a little lost in pottery lately. My big goal has been to make a bottle. Now that I've done that a few times, I'm not sure what my next goal should be. I need to find some new inspiration.
I made this pot and bowl last week and trimmed them tonight. Next week we glaze and then we're done! This class went by so fast. I definitely didn't get as much done this time as the last class I took...

New Series: Skies

I've been experimenting with skies lately. This is the first in a small series of sky paintings:

Abstract Purple and Silver Watercolor

Again, this originally started out as a background for a collage. I decided to do this instead:

Silver metallic watercolor on purple background.

Abstract Layered Watercolor

I originally did this as a background for a collage but liked it too much on its own to put anything over the top of it:
The effect seems almost velvety to me...

Red and Gray Woven Collages

The gray stripe in the bottom collage is a metallic silver watercolor on mulberry paper. I built these collages off the paper and then secured the whole weave to watercolor paper with a glue/water mixutre

A Silver and Red Collage Duo

Happy Valentine's Day!

I card I sent to my brother in Texas... because everyone deserves to be reminded they are loved on Valentine's day.

A Tree with Roots

I got a little carried away with the details on this tree. When I started, I made the top part too small for the trunk and ended up having to fill it out to make it look right. As a result, the leaves got much more detailed-- which I like a lot. I added some simple roots for interest.

For this tree, I used Cadmium Yellow Hue, Cobalt Blue, and a little Lemon Yellow Hue. I also painted the trunk with Cobalt Blue first and added a layer of Dark Brown over the top-- just for a little dimension. I really like how the yellow of the tree bleeds down into the branches, too.

A Pine Tree

I used a similar technique as my previous tree posts to paint this pine tree:

The colors I used: Hooker's Green (dark), Cobalt Blue and Dark Brown. I added a little salt for interest.

A Fall Tree

I experimented with color again on this one using Cadmium Yellow Hue, Alazarin Crimson Hue and Cobalt Blue. I think the Cobalt Blue makes all the difference in these trees. The trunk is a little awkward in this one-- too much of the branches showing at the bottom. I just really love how the colors came together.

Three Poplar Trees

I don't think these little Poplar trees turned out as well as the last one, but I really like the idea of a group of them. I realized while painting this that I need to do some work on my shadows...

Colors in this one: Cadmium Yellow Hue, Cobalt Blue

Wet Pot Wednesday: One and Done

I didn't get very much done in pottery tonight. My mind was elsewhere and I just wasn't feeling it.

This one is REALLY similar to the one I did last week. It's a little smaller and has a little more shape.

Poplar Tree

I had fun experimenting with color and now it's time to experiment with shape. There are these trees here in Utah that are tall and slender. In the fall, they turn a brilliant shade of yellow. I googled "tall skinny trees Utah" and apparently these trees are called Theves Poplar. It is hard to imagine different tree shapes in the winter when they are all bare, but this is one of my favorites so it's hard to forget. The colors I used in this one are: Cadmium Yellow Hue, Lemon Yellow Hue (just a touch at the top) and Cobalt Blue

Orange Tree

I really experimented with the colors for this tree: Cadmium Orange Hue and Cobalt Blue. Now, I know that isn't THAT crazy, but it was out of my comfort zone. So give me a little credit, okay? I really love these two colors together. And again, to add interest I painted branches through the tree and even one sticking out at the top. And what would a crazy tree be without paint splatters?