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Reflections, Goals and a Sneak Peek

I've been thinking back on 2013 and what I've done over the past year. Most of what comes to mind is art. I had a great time taking pottery classes with my mom and learning that new (still developing) skill-- I like to call it my new love. But, I didn't paint nearly as much as I would have liked and it's not because I didn't have time. I've been reminded throughout the year, in several ways, that we make time for things that are important to us-- and don't get me wrong, it's not that painting isn't important to me. But through my reflections, I have come to realize that being creative is what is important to me. When I'm doing pottery, my creative need is being met and so I don't feel as strong of a need to paint. I am satisfied with what I create each week in the pottery studio. And when pottery class is not in session, I pick up my paintbrush more. I think my mom said it best when I was complaining about not being able to do pottery for se…

Watercolor Collage: Orange Flower

I finally received the mulberry paper I ordered to make watercolor collages. This paper is much closer what I had in mind for collages. I did this little orange flower just to test what the paper did when I painted it with color, overlapped it with other colors, and how it dried:

The colors are very vibrant when they are wet, but when they dry, they pretty much go back to their original color-- which is good, I suppose. There are no surprises when the glue/water mixture dries. I will admit, however, that it's a little disappointing after seeing how vibrant the colors are when they are wet. Also, there isn't a lot of transparency when the glue/water mixture dries. When different colors are overlapped, not much of the bottom color comes through. All in all, I think mulberry paper will be great for collages.

Art Journal: Stacked Blue Collage

One thing that I like about the rice paper is that it tears pretty much in a straight line if you want it to. That made it easy to make this linear collage:

Art Journal: A Christmas Doodle

Happy Holidays to You and Yours!

White Poinsettia

I love painting poinsettias. It's a rather simple flower and the layers and shadows make it a lot of fun to paint. I have painted a few red poinsettias, but never any white. I've always been intimidated by the white ones-- until now! It turns out they're not that hard to paint at all. I especially had fun with different tones of white in this one.

Art Journal: High Contrast Collage

A watercolor collage made with contrasting colors:

Not sure how I feel about this one.

Art Journal: Abstract Collage

A small collage of painted rice paper:

The colors remind me of a summertime sunset.

Watercolor Collages

I found this watercolor collage I did in high school and I thought it would be really fun to try it again:

I thought I used rice paper to create the collage, so I ordered some on Amazon and waited patiently for it to get here. I realized very quickly when I opened the package that rice paper is NOT what I used to create this collage. The paper I originally used had a lot of fiber and texture. The rice paper is very smooth and thin. So I did some research online and discovered that there is a fibrous paper called mulberry paper that is used in Japanese painting. I think that will work much better for this project and it is on its way!

In the mean time, I figured I might as well try using the rice paper for a watercolor collage. I painted two sheets. On the first sheet, I started with a layer of just water because I wanted to see if the colors would blend. Turns out that was a bad idea. The paper got fragile very quickly and the top layer started peeling off in little balls. I painted i…

Art Journal: Fill the Page

The purpose of this doodle was to see if I could just fill the page without getting stuck, because that seems to be a problem for me:

I did it! Now I just need to decide whether to paint it or not...


This is the last of my pottery for a while...

Raku firing does amazing things to the glazes. I hadn't done a raku firing before this class and now I wish I had. I know I'll definitely be doing a lot more raku in the future.

The shape of this vase was an absolute accident. I think that the clay got a little too dry when I was shaping it on the wheel and it started to twist. Rather than scrapping the whole thing, I kept it because even though it was an accident, it was different than anything I had ever made before

This little round pot turned out way better than I ever could have imagined. Half of it is a metallic coppery-red and the other half is a marbled white and yellow with flecks of copper.

Art Journal: Big Red Poppy

Lidded Pots

My new favorite thing to make is lidded pots. They are probably the most complex thing I have learned to make so far and I made three of them during my most recent pottery class.

The knobs were thrown on the lid itself. So, after the lid was formed, I put a round piece of  clay on the top of the lid and formed it on the wheel. It was really daunting at first but a lot of fun once I got the hang of it. The one thing I do need to get better at is fitting the lid to my pot. These were all a little too small.

Art Journal: Circles

Had a lot of fun watching these colors bleed into each other:

My First Bottle

One of my favorite pieces from my most recent pottery class is this bottle:

This was one of those pieces where I didn't really have anything in mind when I started and I just kept working the clay until I got a shape I liked. I tried to do others after this, but I couldn't quite get it to work. I guess I got lucky that time.
Not only do I really like the shape of this one, I also really like the glaze. I dipped the whole thing in white first and then three layers of Jensen Blue. The result is an awesome mixture of orange, brown, gray, blue and purple.