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Art Journal: Doodle #11

I am in flower mode now that spring has come again...

I drew the flowers with a black felt-tip pen and then drew in some tall blades of grass with a masquepen. It looks a little weird where the masking fluid overlaps the flowers, but other than that, I like the effect.

Art Journal: Doodle #10


The color pallet was inspired by the tulips in front of my neighbor's house. They have bright red tulips next to their teal garage door. I really like the combination of colors. I wish that I would have made the blue chevrons more teal. This just reminds me of the Chevron gas station logo...

Doodles From My Art Journal

Here are some of the doodles I have been working on:

More to come when they're painted...

Art Journal: Doodle #9

random doodle. I was in a dreary mood when I drew it and a happy mood when I painted it-- that doesn't really make the doodle make any more sense...

Birthday Cards

I needed some birthday cards and decided it might be fun to try using white crayon for the design-- I don't know if I'll be doing that again. It was really hard to see when I was drawing (go figure) but also when I painted over it. I ended up having to go over all the lines with a wet brush to lift the paint off. When I still wasn't satisfied, I just painted over a lot of the crayon lines with white paint. 
The first card is for my friend Whitney (she'll probably be disappointed that I didn't use her favorite colors: blue, black, and silver, but those aren't really girly birthday colors).
This is card before I added white paint.
The flowers just weren't standing out enough, so I retraced them with white paint. Also, I wrote happy birthday with crayon, but it wasn't really visible when I painted over it, so I just wrote over it with a black pen. I don't mind it. The message is off center, but that doesn't bother me either.
My brother, Thomas, is…

Art Journal: Doodle # 8

painted spring blossoms:

I love the light purple blossoms that are everywhere this time of year.

Another Layering Experiment

This is another great idea from Grow Creative-- just layering the paint around a central object. I ended up having to darken my paint color by adding black because I wasn't adding any depth with the purple I was using-- it may also be the crappy paper I was using.

It's a little sloppy. I wish I would have been more patient and taken the time to paint each layer carefully. I also splattered on some white paint with my toothbrush, just because. This may be a good project to try some gold leaf on or something...just a thought.

Doodles From My Art Journal

some doodles I have been working on:

more to come when they are painted...

Painting With Straws

I found this  link to an awesome blog on Pinterest: Grow Creative. She has lots of fun ideas for watercolors and I am going to try a few. One of them was blowing paint with straws. I remember doing this is elementary school, but forgot all about it until I saw it on Pinterest (where I found her blog). Of course I had to try it again. Here are the results:

Fun! I'll definitely be doing this again when I get bored and don't know what to paint. I would suggest taking breaks often while doing this...I definitely got a little light-headed. Blowing through a straw is harder than you might think...

Toby was very interested in what I was doing when I was working on these...

Sunshine Award

I was awarded the Sunshine Award by my neighbor, and awesome blogger, Foster (great reviews, especially if you live in the Salt Lake area). As a recipient of the award, I have to answer the following questions and give the award to some other bloggers.

1. Favorite color: purple
2. Favorite animal:  dogs, especially wiener dogs and pugadors
3. Favorite number:  8
4. Favorite non-alcoholic drink: Arnold Palmer!
5. Facebook or Twitter: Facebook
6. My Passion: painting and sleeping...and girl scout cookies
7. Getting or Giving:  giving
8. Favorite Pattern:  chevron
9. Favorite day of the week: Friday

10. Favorite flower:  Giant sunflowers!

11. Celebrity role model:  uhhhhh........ummmmm..........Lady Gaga? Because she is passionate about what she does and not afraid to be different... yeah, that's my answer.

I would like to bestow the Sunshine Award to the following bloggers:

Julie Williams (or mama, as I like to call her) for blogging about our family and Tom's mission so we have something t…

Art Journal: Dandelions

dandelion doodle:

This doodle was inspired by a dandelion I saw growing in the middle of a bunch of rocks. I was going to the hospital to visit my grandmother with my mom. On our way in, I saw the dandelion and asked my mom if she thought I should pick it for my grandma, as a joke, of course. She didn't think it was very funny, so I left the dandelion where it was.

I don't mind dandelions. I like the name and they're like little balls of sunshine. Plus, they give you wishes. It's hard for me to call them weeds.


This is another one of my "I wonder what would happen if..." paintings. I just wondered what it would look like if I layered a bunch of shapes on top of one another. Turns out, this is what it looks like:

Nothing spectacular. I think this is another one for the "well now I know" pile...

Art Journal: Doodle #6

A doodle inspired by the rug in the entryway:

Doodles From My Art Journal

Some doodles I have been working on:

Art Journal: Doodle #5

A beach-inspired zentangle/doodle:

I've really been missing the beach lately. I want nothing more than to feel the warm sun on my skin and sand between my toes. Hopefully I'll get to go sometime this summer...

A Home for My Birdies

So, I bought a frame on sale at the craft store for my Little Blue Birds painting. My original intent was to give it away as a gift to a friend, but I'm not good at parting with my paintings, so that didn't happen. I still put the painting in the frame and ended up hanging it in my painting room:

I painted it with a small, white border that I masked out with masking tape. I thought that it would kind of serve as a mat, but that didn't work out. The border was too thin and the lip on the frame was the exact same width as the white border. Would this painting look 100 times better with a mat? Absolutely! Do I care? Not really. I think it looks just fine without a mat.