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Remember Me?

I've noticed that I go through phases. I'll either be really into painting or really into reading or really into something else and whatever I was doing kind of falls to the wayside. I hadn't been feeling creative or inspired, but I think I'm transitioning back into painting mode.

A while back, my friend asked me to paint something for him. He said he wanted it to be geometric and asked specifically for rectangles. So, I did a few trial runs in my art journal to test my idea:

This was my first try. I wanted to try layering colors using masking tape to block off rectangles. During this trial run, I learned that if I do one big wash over the paper, the paint tends to bleed under the tape. I still like to look and colors though.

Take 2:

The second time around, I made more of an effort to paint each individual square. There was a lot less paint bleeding under the tape when I didn't do one big wash over the paper. So, this is the method I decided to go with when painting something for my friend. I've already started working on it and I'm really liking how it's coming out...more to come soon!


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I don't mind dandelions. I like the name and they're like little balls of sunshine. Plus, they give you wishes. It's hard for me to call them weeds.