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Wet Pot Wednesday: Getting Back in the Groove

My mom and I started our pottery class again tonight and we both had a little trouble getting back into our pottery groove. I'm very happy to FINALLY be back in pottery class!

At the end of the last class, I had a really hard time remembering all the things I made and that made it nearly impossible to find my things among the mountains of unglazed pottery. So my goal this time around is it document all my pots the night I make them, thus: Wet Pot Wednesday.

This is what I ended up with tonight:

After I cut the altered form vase off the bat, I realized that I forgot to trim up the bottom. I can't put it back on the wheel to trim the bottom because the top isn't round. So I'll be trimming this one by hand...something to remember next time.

I'm trying to be really creative with my shapes because my dad told me I'm not allowed to bring home anything that goes in the cupboard--they're absolutely stuffed!


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