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I love to paint. I started painting as a sophomore in high school and didn't stop until I graduated. Once I started college, I was really too busy to continue painting the way I did in high school. In college, I took art classes that introduced me to new mediums and ideas, but I still didn't have time for my first love: watercolor. I would love to start painting again. So, my hope with this blog is that it will force me to make time to paint more often and I would love to share my work with anyone who is interested. Here are some awkward pictures of the things I have done up to this point:

This is the first watercolor I ever did. I did it in my first watercolor class and with a Crayola paint set.

Also done with a Crayola paint set. 

This is the first painting that my teacher, Mr. Fackrell, said is a "showpiece"-- the first painting I did that was worth framing.

"Souper Art Night"-- four hour competition and I took second place

This peacock will forever hang in the hallway at Cottonwood High School

The things college art professors make you do:

Latex on Masonite:

What I am working on now:


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