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Trying Something Different

I've been watching a lot of other watercolor blogs and I am amazed at the ease that these other artists paint with. Everything looks so flowing, beautiful and brightly colored. I feel like my paintings look contrived compared to theirs and like I am using the medium incorrectly. So, in this next painting I am not going to worry so much about the outcome and just relax, put the color down, and have fun.

I hear a lot, especially from my younger brother, David, that all I paint is flowers. So, I'm going to try to stay away from flowers for a while. The next picutre I would like to tackle is one I took in Villefranche, France. I love the colors and the memories it brings to mind when I see it:

I did a quick sketch because I want this painting to be loose and more about the paint than the drawing. I still probably put too much into the drawing:

The drawing is not nearly exact, and that's a-okay with me. My goal on this painting is not to try hard and just do it. So here I go!


  1. Good luck Emilee! I am sure it will be fantastic!

  2. Thanks Blythe! I'm going to need it!


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