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I bought a new block of watercolor paper-- Canson, 90lbs. 9x12". I had never used this paper before. It was cheap and on sale for 50% off, so I figured "what the heck?" Turns out I don't love the paper. So, I am using it to try all the silly things I have been wanting to do, but just didn't want to waste a sheet of watercolor paper on-- that could get expensive-- those "I wonder what would happen if..." things, ya know?

These are my "I wonder what would happen if...?" 's:

I don't really like this one, at all. Something about it makes me a little nauseous when I look at it. I suppose I could always cut it up and use it for cards. I think I will do chevrons again, but next time, I'll do each chevron a single color...

This was fun. It works better when you wait for each paint line to dry before adding the next (top right)-- go figure! I'd like to do this again, with a little different approach and use different shades of the same color.

I am in love with the show "Gold Rush" and this painting was inspired by a scene on that show. I really loved the orangey-pink sky with the grey mountains. I mentioned before that I didn't like this paper and this painting is an example of why-- it is not good for color washing. The paint doesn't spread nor does the paper absorb a lot of color.

So, these paintings didn't turn out so well. At least I can say "now I know"!


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