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Art Journal-- Doodle #1

I work in a call center for part of the day and I needed something to do between calls (pinterest can only entertain me for so long). I thought art journaling might be fun so I got a small travel watercolor book and a felt tip pen. My plan is to doodle while I am at work and then throw some color on it when I get home.

This is my first attempt at zentangling (I think. I'm not quite sure what qualifies as a zentangle. I like the word "doodling" better anyway). I just combined all of the "zentangles" that I liked into one picture. I learned that I don't like circles as fillers and I shouldn't try to make up my own zentangle. Neither of those things turned out very well.


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I've been doodling for a couple of days now and I've really enjoyed it. It sure helps pass the time at work and I like to see what I come up with. Here are a few pictures from my art journal. They will all eventually be painted.

Art Journal: Dandelions

dandelion doodle:

This doodle was inspired by a dandelion I saw growing in the middle of a bunch of rocks. I was going to the hospital to visit my grandmother with my mom. On our way in, I saw the dandelion and asked my mom if she thought I should pick it for my grandma, as a joke, of course. She didn't think it was very funny, so I left the dandelion where it was.

I don't mind dandelions. I like the name and they're like little balls of sunshine. Plus, they give you wishes. It's hard for me to call them weeds.