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Watercolor Postcards

For Christmas, my best friend, Kelsey, gave me a watercolor postcard kit. She thought it was silly but I think it was the perfect gift idea. She said that she thinks I need to paint more. And when your best friend tells you to paint more, by golly, you paint!

The kit comes with everything you need-- paint, tray, brush, instructions/ideas, and post cards:

My first postcard had to be for Kelsey, of course! I don't think she has a particular fondness for birds, but I didn't have any better ideas.

It felt pretty strange to just drop a painting in a mailbox. Hopefully it gets there in one piece...


  1. I like your bird postcard! I have a pack of watercolor postcards I took on a vacation. It was fun to send my family something unique. But ya, I agree. It's a little weird to just drop a painting in a mailbox.

  2. Darling. That is one post card I wouldn't throw away.


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