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New Obsession: Paper

My mom took me to a new paper store at the mall the other day and it's all I've been able to think about since. I've been trying to come up with things I can do with the paper-- besides buy it just to look at -- and my favorite idea so far is to use it to wrap mats in picture frames (which happen to be another one of my obsessions).

My mom was kind enough to give me some money for Valentine's day and I was just going to use it for normal monthly expenses (like a good girl), but when I told my mom that, she said I had to use it for something fun. When she said that, I had a pretty good idea of where I was going.

I knew I would just think about the all the pretty papers until I had some of my own. So, today I set out to find some cheap frames and pick out some pretty paper.

(ooohhh soooo pretty)

(This paper is a gold chevron. The gold didn't turn out well in the picture, but it shimmers)

(yes, that is a picture of my rad dad from 1980 in the frame on the left)
I think these would look better with black and white photos, but I didn't have any of those lying around...


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