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Poplar Tree

I had fun experimenting with color and now it's time to experiment with shape. There are these trees here in Utah that are tall and slender. In the fall, they turn a brilliant shade of yellow. I googled "tall skinny trees Utah" and apparently these trees are called Theves Poplar. It is hard to imagine different tree shapes in the winter when they are all bare, but this is one of my favorites so it's hard to forget. The colors I used in this one are: Cadmium Yellow Hue, Lemon Yellow Hue (just a touch at the top) and Cobalt Blue



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Doodles from my Journal

I've been doodling for a couple of days now and I've really enjoyed it. It sure helps pass the time at work and I like to see what I come up with. Here are a few pictures from my art journal. They will all eventually be painted.

Art Journal: Dandelions

dandelion doodle:

This doodle was inspired by a dandelion I saw growing in the middle of a bunch of rocks. I was going to the hospital to visit my grandmother with my mom. On our way in, I saw the dandelion and asked my mom if she thought I should pick it for my grandma, as a joke, of course. She didn't think it was very funny, so I left the dandelion where it was.

I don't mind dandelions. I like the name and they're like little balls of sunshine. Plus, they give you wishes. It's hard for me to call them weeds.