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Thank You Cards for Uncle Steve

My bother, David, and I needed to write thank you cards for our uncle, Steve, because he sent us a Christmas present and he wasn't here for us to say thanks. Since I am obsessed with painting patterns, I decided to paint my thank you card. My mom asked me if I would paint one for David to send to Uncle Steve,  too. I said no because I wanted David to paint one himself, and he did. I was actually shocked that he did it. I thought he would say no for sure. They turned out pretty cool, if I do say so myself:

This one is mine. The pattern would have looked better if I could have continued it. I'm kind of fond of it's strangeness though...
This one is David's
I think David's is really cool. I had no idea he was creative. I think he enjoyed painting and he is talking about painting more stuff. It would be nice to have a painting partner!


  1. Beautiful! I have such talented kids!

  2. Thanks Mama! And thanks for commenting on this as me, too. I really appreciate it.


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