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Back to Where it All Began

So, once again I haven't had much time to paint lately (this seems to be a recurring problem). Between studying for finals, writing papers, putting together presentations, trying to get an internship, and spending time with my brother, Thomas, before he left on his mission, finding time to paint has been impossible. But, now that the tests have been taken, the papers written, presentations given, internship attained, and Tom in Brazil, I'm hoping to have lots of time to paint.

In my first blog post (History) I posted this picture of my first ever watercolor painting:

I thought it might be fun to try it again. So, I went up to Park City a few weeks ago and took about 30 pictures of the barn. I only really like two of them (photography is obviously not my thing). My plan right now is to do one small and one large painting of the barn. Unfortunately the flag wasn't up, so it won't be in the new paintings.

This is the picture I decided to use for the smaller painting: 

And here is the progression:


I'm pretty happy with the overall painting. I think my favorite parts of this painting are the yellow bush and the silos.  I also think the color of the line of trees in the background should be less intense; I should go back and lift some of the color off.  I got carried away with the background and left out a couple of trees, like the big yellow one right behind the barn. OOPS! I should look to my reference photo more often, I guess.


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