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Sunshine Award


I was awarded the Sunshine Award by my neighbor, and awesome blogger, Foster (great reviews, especially if you live in the Salt Lake area). As a recipient of the award, I have to answer the following questions and give the award to some other bloggers.

1. Favorite color: purple

2. Favorite animal:  dogs, especially wiener dogs and pugadors

3. Favorite number:  8
4. Favorite non-alcoholic drink: Arnold Palmer!

5. Facebook or Twitter: Facebook

6. My Passion: painting and sleeping...and girl scout cookies

7. Getting or Giving:  giving

8. Favorite Pattern:  chevron
9. Favorite day of the week: Friday

10. Favorite flower:  Giant sunflowers!

11. Celebrity role model:  uhhhhh........ummmmm..........Lady Gaga? Because she is passionate about what she does and not afraid to be different... yeah, that's my answer.

I would like to bestow the Sunshine Award to the following bloggers:

Julie Williams (or mama, as I like to call her) for blogging about our family and Tom's mission so we have something to look back at and remember good times.

Blythe of Gettin'Crafty Starkie because her hand-made cards are oh so cute!

Elise of Grow Creative because she has such fun and unique watercolor ideas.

Cristina of A Blob of Color for her inspiring and most beautiful watercolors.

And Eli of It Just Gets Stranger because I have never laughed so hard as when I read his snuggie texts and I always look forward to reading his posts-- a must read if you don't already.


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